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Custom Module

The custom module boasts the most flexibility for viewing neoantigen candidate data, since there are no required features that are expected to be in the file.

We provide three examples of neoantigen prediction pipeline output data:


Therapeutic vaccines targeting mutant tumor antigens (“neoantigens”) are an increasingly popular form of personalized cancer immunotherapy. Vaxrank is a computational tool for selecting neoantigen vaccine peptides from tumor mutations, tumor RNA data, and patient HLA type. Vaxrank is freely available on github under the Apache 2.0 open source license and can also be installed from the Python Package Index.


NeoPredPipe (Neoantigen Prediction Pipeline) is offered as a contiguous means of predicting putative neoantigens and their corresponding recognition potentials for both single and multi-region tumor samples. This tool allows a user to process neoantigens predicted from single- or multi-region vcf files using ANNOVAR and netMHCpan.


Human and mouse ensemble tumor neoantigen prediction from SNVs and complex variants. Immunogenicity filtering based on the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance (TESLA). https://github.com/andrewrech/antigen.garnish